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Parenting Course

Circle of Security – Parenting Course

Circle of Security Parenting is an effective research based programme based on attachment theory and decades of attachment research. It focuses on the relationship between children and their parents and how strengthening this connection can increase emotional security.

During the eight two hourly sessions parents learn ways to identify and respond to their children’s principal attachment needs and to become more attuned to these.

Circle of Security Parenting provides a simple roadmap to understand children’s specific children’s emotional needs and is especially helpful in understanding why children act out and what do to help them learn to manage their behaviour. The group offers a safe and supportive space to share the joys and challenges of parenting. It also offers insights into the dynamics of other intimate relationships that occur throughout the course

The course is suitable for parents of newborns, toddlers, preschoolers and children up to around 8 years.

Week 1. 

To begin to experience the facilitator as a secure base which provides a safe and exciting place to explore parenting

To introduce the concept of Circle of Security

Week 2. 

To explore the various specific needs of children all around the Circle.

To learn about the importance of the ‘Hands’ that hold our children

Week 3. 

To understand more about how helping children develop a healthy emotional life by ‘being with’ (attuned to) them in their feelings.

Week 4. 

Building secure attachments in infants.

Week 5. 

Focus on the caregivers – self-reflection, knowing and naming our emotions and becoming aware of our vulnerabilities

Week 6. 

Exploration of our parenting struggles

Focus on being ‘bigger, Stronger, Wiser and Kind”

Developing power to see and act differently

Exploration of our own experiences of being parented.

Week 7. 

How to handle ‘Rupture and Repair’ in relationships

Time IN

Week 8. 

Summary and Celebration