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New Parent Counselling is run by Michele Elsom.  Michele is a Sydney based Family Counsellor. She is an expert in the early childhood field and specialises in providing counselling to parents who are adjusting to the changes in their lives as a result of starting a family.  Michele provides support to parents in understanding children's emotional needs and managing challenging behaviour right through the childhood years. She also provides support and  treatment for post natal depression.  
In addition, Michele offers a broader based counselling practice that provides individual, couples and family counselling.  She has a special interest and wide experience in working with couples.

Meet Michele


Hello, I'm Michele Elsom. I have worked in the field of early childhood for almost forty years. I have worked as a preschool and primary teacher and as a lecturer and tutor in early childhood education at Macquarie University and Notre Dame University. I am also a mother of 2 children. I now have a general counselling practice with a focus on helping families whether with parenting or with other issues, such as relationships, anxiety, depression or grief. I also provide counselling for couples. and am involved in ongoing professional development in this area at The Family and Couple Training Institute, plus am a student of the Gottman Method and Imago Couple work.

I hold a Masters of Social Health and Counselling at Macquarie University and a postgraduate certificate of Perinatal and Infant Mental Health. I am a practitioner of the Circle of Security Parenting program. 

My passion for working with families and children stems from my own experience of becoming a parent and raising my own children. With my early childhood background, I naively thought having children would be ‘a piece of cake.’ I was not prepared for a less than perfect pregnancy and birth plus the exhaustion of those early months of sleepless nights. I was anxious to ‘get things right’ and was confused by the avalanche of advice. I was also not prepared for the changes in my relationship with my partner and occasional bouts of self-doubt, guilt and depression. I sometimes felt socially isolated and without the kind of support that I needed. This experience led me on a long journey of reflection on my own parenting and ignited a passion and determination to provide support for families. 


Macquarie University, Sydney - Masters of Social Health & Counselling

Macquarie University, Sydney – Post Graduate Diploma of Social Health and Counselling

NSW Institute of Psychiatry -Post Graduate Certificate in Perinatal and Infant Mental Health

University of New England – Post Graduate Diploma of Social Science (Psychology)

Circle of Security Training (Kent, Hoffman & Powell) - Intensive Course

University of Adelaide - Bachelor of Education

Adelaide College of the Arts and Education - Diploma of Teaching (primary)

Sydney Kindergarten Teachers College - Diploma of Teaching (Early Childhood)


Member of PACFA

Member of the Australian Association of Infant Mental Health


Counselling Services

New Parent Counselling
Practical and psychological support and guidance for mothers and their families before and after the birth of their child and throughout the early childhood years. Postnatal depression and anxiety, Parenting and developmental guidance, Parent-child and family relationships, Separation Anxiety, Sleep problems, Loss and grief.
Grief Counselling
Bereavement and Loss following miscarriage, stillbirth or death of a child.
Individual and Family Counselling
Couple Counselling Anxiety, Depression, Relationships, Life Transitions, Loss and grief.

To enquire about any of these counselling services, please phone Michele on 0413 437 101 or complete the form below:

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Circle of Security Parenting Courses

Circle of Security Parenting Courses

Heart Feet


This parenting program is suitable for parents of newborns, toddlers, pre-schoolers and children up to around 8 years old. It focuses on building secure relationships with children, and has implications for other close relationships in our lives. Using a combination of video clips and small group discussions, the program assist parents to become more attuned to their children's emotional needs and helps in understanding children's behaviour. 

NEXT COURSE:  (see News)

Starting Date: April 16, 6.30-8 pm  COST $200.00

The Transformation Centre, Level 1, 54 Alexander Street, Crows Nest



If you cannot attend the group at Crows Nest, I also am happy to bring Circle of Security Parenting to your home.


  1. Circle of Security Parenting - Parents Course

Circle of Security Parenting is an effective research based program based on attachment theory and decades of attachment research. It focuses on the relationship between children and their parents and how strengthening this connection can increase emotional security.

During the eight two hourly sessions parents learn ways to identify and respond to their children’s principal attachment needs and to become more attuned to these.

Circle of Security Parenting provides a simple roadmap to understand children’s specific children’s emotional needs and is especially helpful in understanding why children act out and what do to help them learn to manage their behaviour. The group offers a safe and supportive space to share the joys and challenges of parenting. It also offers insights into the dynamics of other intimate relationships.

The course is suitable for parents of newborns, toddlers, preschoolers and children up to around 8 years.

The following videos explain some of the philosophy behind the Circle of Security Parenting program.

Circle of Security International – Connection

A key to secure parenting

Circle of Security International – Parenting

A guide to the Circle of Security

Course Schedule

Week 1.

To begin to experience the facilitator as a secure base which provides a safe and exciting place to explore parenting

To introduce the concept of Circle of Security

Week 2.

To explore the various specific needs of children all around the Circle.

To learn about the importance of the ‘Hands’ that hold our children

Week 3.

To understand more about how helping children develop a healthy emotional life by ‘being with’ (attuned to) them in their feelings.

Week 4.

Building secure attachments in infants.

Week 5.

Focus on the caregivers – self-reflection, knowing and naming our emotions and becoming aware of our vulnerabilities

Week 6.

Exploration of our parenting struggles

Focus on being ‘bigger, Stronger, Wiser and Kind”

Developing power to see and act differently

Exploration of our own experiences of being parented.

Week 7.

How to handle ‘Rupture and Repair’ in relationships

Time IN

Week 8.

Summary and Celebration

Circle of Security Professional Development Course

The Professional Development Course is a course designed to provide professional childcare and preschool workers with information about the Circle of Security Parenting program. The focus of this workshop will be for participants to learn Circle of Security Parenting for their own personal family relationships and is not training participants to professionally use the materials or DVD. It can be run in-house or externally to suit the requirements of the childcare centre. For further information regarding the Professional Development Course, please contact Michele directly on 0413 437 101.


"I was unsure what to expect before I attended Michele's course, and now I just want every parent to do it! I found it so valuable as it provides an overall relationship framework and principles which you can apply to any relationship in your life for deeper and more lasting effects. Michele is also an excellent facilitator with a compassionate but confident approach as she guides parents through some challenging times, so they feel more empowered by the end of the course." Anna K. Bondi.

“I was extremely satisfied with the course. Fantastic facilitator, always helpful, great listener, very compassionate, understanding, non-judgmental and extremely knowledgeable in parenting.”

"if my progress during the program is any indication, everyone will come out of the eight weeks with a wealth of information, fundamental new discoveries about themselves and the knowledge that we are not alone in the struggle to do justice to the little beings that were entrusted to us." J.B., Paddington.

“I developed a closer connection with my daughter, understanding her needs better and making new friends.”

Our Latest News

Circle of Security Parenting programs run regularly. Please contact  for details.



Tears, Tantrums and Tiresome Behaviours: June 7 th evening

Gordon Community Preschool. Contact Michele for bookings and details.

Do you want to build a stronger emotional connection with your child and find out more about guiding children’s behaviour?


Young children's behaviour can be challenging at times and understanding their needs and how to respond to them can be overwhelming. This workshop aims to help you understand more clearly what your child needs from you when they are misbehaving, addressing common behaviours such as tantrums, acting out, and whining.


Child and family counsellor and Circle of Security Facilitator, Michele Elsom (Masters of Social Health & Counselling, Bachelor of Education) (, has many years of experience working to support parents. In this workshop Michele will help you to understand why children misbehave and suggest ways to respond that help to build the emotional connection between you and your child.

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